Product Development


TESEM's commercial strategy is based on the consolidation of a team of Project Developers engaged in project management and accompanying customers throughout the whole development process of their products and new launches. From industrial design and testing, through production, to finishing, assembly and supply.


One of the cornerstones of the TESEM Group is its Technical Office team, which is responsible for carrying out industrial application of all product launches. This process includes the design of all components involved in a multi-part product, 3D prototyping, fully customizing the tools, machine designing, and the technical supervision of all production processes.


Our best tools are technique, technology and know-how. TESEM has a strong team of engineers, fitters and mechanics with extensive experience in aluminium forming processes. In the TESEM machine workshop, the testing and assembly of deep drawing tools is carried out, and customized machinery is prepared for the various production processes of each product launch.


TESEM has developed an integrated ERP system that enables the coordination of all processes and stages involved in the launch of a multi-component project. In addition, it also has a team of professionals dedicated to customer service and tracking supply orders.

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