TESEM is a worldwide leader in the manufacture of metal and plastic parts for luxury packaging. The Company specializes in the production of aluminium and plastic components for various markets such as Perfume & Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, and Spirits. 30 years of industrial experience in metal forming have positioned us as a benchmark company with a highly qualified human capital.

The company has six production plants located near Barcelona, occupying a total area of 27,000 m2 with cutting edge technology and fully automated and custom production processes.

Our product portofolio includes packaging components such as aluminium and plastic caps, covers and metal plaques, collars for perfumes and caps for premium alcoholic drinks.

TESEM fully undertakes all the processes of industrial design, production and supply according to the specific requirements of each customer. TESEM researches, innovates and invests in order remain at the forefront of design and production, and is aware of the importance that perceived quality and brand image have acquired in today’s luxury packaging market.



Over 30 years
in metal forming

6 production plants (27.000m2)

275 million

375 million

international presence

(+75% export)

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